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Ancient coins offer an astounding connection to the past, truly holding history in one's hands.
Coinage began in the 7th century BC as a means of expediting and facilitating broad trade. What started as a simple concept grew into a vast and diverse art form. The best artists of the most powerful civilizations were employed to create stunning miniature masterpieces. It is through these sculptures that we learn a great deal about their societies, the inscribed political propaganda and messaging transcending the chasm of time to reach us today.
I've spent many years hunting for aesthetically pleasing examples of historic coins, represented by pieces from the beginning of coinage through to the reign of Constantine the Great. I'm fortunate to own the finest known examples of some coins but this is not my primary criteria: I seek out coins in fine style, with original surfaces, deep strikes, and beautiful toning. In many cases, circulation adds to the appeal for me - it's hard to top the visceral excitement of a coin which was spent at the ancient Olympics, buried beneath the ash at Pompeii, or handed out at the first games held at the Colosseum.
I truly hope you enjoy the coins in my collection. I've included historical context for each coin and am always interested in answering any questions about the coins and their stories.